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In this section we provide further directions and resources that VOPEs can use to learn more about the Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) field and the evaluation of DRG interventions. This is just a suggested list and not an exhaustive one. There are many other good resources available, so please use the “Recommend a Resource Tool” Link to suggest relevant ones.

Resources and Guides on DRG

  • Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) Guide to Program Monitoring and Evaluation, Link.
  • Human Rights Support Mechanism, Link
  • Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peace Library, Link.
  • DME for Peace Thursday Talks (webinars), Link.
  • Equitas and OHCHR Handbook: Evaluating Human Rights Training Activities: A Handbook for Human Rights Educators, Link.
  • Danish Institute for Human Rights Copenhagen projects. Human Rights Indicators at Programme and Project Level Guidelines for Defining Indicators, Monitoring and Evaluation, Link.
  • Freedom House Reports, Link.
  • Guide on How to manage Gender Responsive Evaluation, Link.
  • Guide on How to design and manage equity focused evaluations, Link.
  • Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation, Link.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Showing How Democracy and Governance Programs Make a Difference: Handbook of the Office of Monitoring and Evaluation at the International Republican Institute (IRI), Link.
  • USAID Technical Publication on Democracy Human Rights and Governance, Link.
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 Practical Tools on DRG

  • DRG Evalpartners Projects, Link.
  • DRG Evalpartners Innovation Challenges, Link.
  • Guide for Evaluation in Contexts of Fragility, Conflict and Violence. Link.
  • DRG Evalpartners Innovation Challenges, Link.
  • DRG VOPE Toolkit, Link.
  • Human Rights Indicators in Development Focuses on the intersection between human rights and international development indicators, Link.
  • Universal Human Rights Instruments, Link.
  • Human Rights Treaties Ratification Interactive Map OHCHR, Link.
  • OHCHR, Human Rights Indicators  A Guide to measurement and implementation, Link.
  • World Bank Collected Indicators, Link.
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Communities of Practice that discuss DRG related issues

  • DME for Peace Community of Practice, Link
  • Gender and Evaluation Community of Practice, Link.
  • Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators Worldwide Map, Link.
  • American Evaluation Association Topical Interest Group on Democracy and Governance, Link.

EvalPartners Initiatives social Media

  • Eval Youth 
  • EvalGender+
  • Eval SDGs
  • Eval Indigenous
  • Global Parliamentarians Forum

International Frameworks relevant to DRG interventions

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Link.
  • Agenda 2030, Link.
  • Sustainable Development  Goals, Link.

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