1.1 Founding a VOPE

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This section will help you think through some of the initial steps that you need to take if you want to found a VOPE. You will find some valuable advice and examples under the resources listed at the end of this section.

The AEA Local Affiliates Council (2006) and Barbara Rosenstein (2013) suggest that some of the steps to take when thinking about starting a VOPE include:


  • Check interest and commitment on the part of the evaluation community (Via telephone, email, meetings).
  • Contact existing support organizations (Like the IOCE, other regional VOPEs, Organizations that would benefit from evaluation – e.g. government, UN offices).
  • Identify and gather local evaluators for an initial meeting and some follow up meetings.
  • Identify initial organization:
    • select a name;
    • identify a geographic region, stakeholder groups, thematic groups;
    • craft a mission or vision statement;
    • identify leadership and point of contact (this could be task groups and an executive committee);
    • compile a membership list;
    • describe past and planned activities (a good initial activity is an inaugural conference or workshop);
    • decide what the minimum organizational status is you need (the VOPE can initially be part of another institution); and
    • arrange for financial procedures – through an existing institution or through a separate bank account.
  • Apply for funding support.
  • Represent key stakeholders.
Founding, Startup

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