CES Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice

Published by the The Canadian Evaluation Society

Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice

V 11.0 4 16 2010

"This document provides a suite of competencies for evaluation work in Canada. Competencies are defined as “the background, knowledge, skills, and dispositions program evaluators need to achieve standards that constitute sound evaluations.” 1 These were developed through research, member consultation and expert validation processes conducted in 2008 and 2009.

While the Competencies for Canadian Evaluation practice were developed as part of the Credentialing Program of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), they provide a much broader foundation for the evaluation community. They can be used as a foundation for:

  •  developing training programs and deciding what skills and knowledge to incorporate in a learning
  • event;
  •  self assessment by Evaluators to decide what professional development they want to pursue;
  •  designing jobs, writing job descriptions when deciding to employ evaluation expertise;
  •  developing RFPs, SoWs or ToRs when contracting for evaluation services;
  •  And supporting decisions made in the Credentialing Program." (Page 2)


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